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TCM Organiser is an innovative creation from the minds at 999 E-Tech Inc. of Canada This company is a joint venture business of E-Tech Canada Limited of Ontario and Sanjiu Medical & Pharmaceutical Company Limited of China. The objective of the company is to establish a base to develop Traditional Chinese Medicine through the development of franchised TCM clinics and the marketing and sales of our Single Chinese Herbal Extracts as well as other 999. The software is current used by the 999 clinics in Canada for two years and have been proved to be the most effective and power tool to manage ther clinic. It is a very easily-to-use tool. Even you are the first-time computer user, you are able to handle it with a very short time.

TCM Organiser is bilingual.and can be used both in English windows and Chinese Windows.

Our innovative new software enables you to manage your patients and medical office effectively, efficiently.

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1. Patient Management
All the information of the patient is stored into the computer as data base. The doctor, the nurse or receptionist easily find the records including personal information and the previous medicine records and prescription.Patient booking facilites enable good management to save time and more efficiently.
Making the doctor is able to see who is waiting and preview the records;
Shortening waitting time to save time and space.

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2. Patient Medical Records
The doctor is able to check a patient's all previous medicine records and prescription records, and prescription to help for diagnosis and make prescription.

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3. Prescription Management
The program stores more than 400 types of herbs, 100 types of berbal formulea and 80 types of Chinese herbal patient medicnes. You can add more or delete any types. Doctors can create a prescription by either selecting items from stock lists or composing. Computer will automatically caculate the price of the herbs or medicines according to your preset in your computer.The prescription can be for Herbal extracts or the raw herbs.

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4. Documents Management
The prgram generates and prints useful documentsfor the clinents such as receipts, prescription, insurance claim forms and etc. It will save a lot of time and more accurate.
The documents can be printed by English or Chinese.


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5. Clinic Accounting System
The program provides a complete account solution for the clinic. Doctor can check his/her earning, tax, commission and etc. Managers can view the total earning of all doctors or of each single doctor, and each patient's bill in any period.
It provides daily reports, monthly reports and yearly reports. It is much more better than you employ a full time accountant or bookkeeper.

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6. Management Reports
The program analyses the patient's records and doctor's records to compile reports to show the performance and efficiency of the clinic as well as the doctors. Managers can view any doctor's records in a period to measure the doctor's efficiency.
It is a very advance features so that the manager is able to take full control of the quality assurance of the clinic.

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7. Medicine Stock Management
Managers can get the herbs sold reports and stock reports any time. It helps managers to adjust stocks of different types of herbs and calculate the use efficiency of the storehouse.

Security Function
TCM Organiser provides reasonable functions to protect your information. Entry of the program require passwords and the program had few level of security to make sure that the data is fully protect and only be acessable by authorised parties.

Data Backup Function
TCM Organiser provides complete backup solution. You can save your data to disks or other computers as backup copies any time. You will never lose your patient records.

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