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Press release
Release date: March 28, 2008
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Sanjiu Medical and Wellness Center, a Markham, Ontario-based multi-discipline medical center has successfully developed a state-of-the-art Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) clinic and hospital management software, allowing practitioners, operators and executives to mange and operate the clinic effectively and efficiently.

This product is the only software available in the market to provide a total solution to Chinese Medicine Clinic management. Our innovative new software enables you to manage your patients and medical office effectively and efficiently. The key features include,

- Patient management
- Patient medical records
- Prescription management
- Documents management
- Clinic accounting system
- Management reports
- Medicine stock management

" Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM), with a practiced history as long as the Chinese civilization itself, it is an effective means of treatment for countless people and generations. Its tried and true methods are found at the core of our modern treatment principals." said Paul Li, President of 999 E-Tech Inc.," More and more patients use TCM as the alternative healing method. The advance computer technology is able to help the practitioners and clinic executives to manage the clinic and patients effectively and efficiently".

TCM Organizer is an innovative creation from the minds at 999 E-Tech Inc. and Sanjiu Wellness and Medical Center of Canada. The software has been using by many TCM practitioners in Canada for two years and has been proved to be very powerful and effective.

It is extremely easy to use and install. Developed for the first-time user, the installation CD-ROM comes complete with a full motion tutorial, produced in layman terms for customers who are not familiar with computer operation. It is offered for Windows 95, 98 and NT platforms and is bilingual, English and Chinese.

We welcome partners around the world to distribute this innovative product. We offer:
- Competitive pricing
- High-quality and the most - advanced products
- Knowledgeable and friendly technical support

A FREE trial version is already available on our Download section to allow customers to test the performance of the software.

We are more than pleased to provide further information, such as pictures and demonstrations. To contact us regarding info or to place orders, visit us at or e-mail via
Telephone: 416-497-6339 or fax: 416-497-9779




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